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Wase Begrafenissen has been a family funeral business for more than fifty years. A professional crew that is ready for you day and night. With delicate care and exceptional finesse, they assist you in difficult moments.

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Wase Begrafenissen pays a lot of attention to their online visibility. Their showpiece is their new website with all kinds of functionalities. In addition, they wanted to be more active on social media. A funeral director on Facebook? Yes of course! Consultant Carmen started working at Wase Begrafenissen to expand and nurture their social media.


wase begrafenissen


A funeral company with a family character and that for more than 50 years. Over the years, Wase Begrafenissen has developed a business climate that focuses on innovation. They constantly try to deepen their knowledge and ideas and ensure that every employee propagates that professionalism with an excellent team as a result.

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Carmen - marketing maestro


Daphne - business butler

Carmen and Daphne are ready to help you

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For the maintenance of your car you are comfortable with BestDrive. They work together with AutoCrew, the workplace formula from Bosch. 

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Fibre Mood combines a sewing magazine with an online community. In the magazine you will find inspiration and work descriptions and online you will find the patterns and style advice. 

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