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Solvacheck is an initiative of Intolaw Advocaten, a law firm that has grown to an established value in debtor management.

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To make their work even more efficient, we have teamed up and developed Solvacheck. This is a digital platform that makes it possible to read and process unpaid invoices fully automatically and in a matter of seconds. Through the complete automation of the administration, the low cost price and the solvency analysis, Solvacheck ensures that you will proceed to recover your invoices much faster and more efficiently.

The project is built in Angular but uses the Wordpress CMS to load the content. it allows the customer to maintain complete freedom and control over the website. The web design and logo was provided by the customer and pixel perfect converted to code.

For the digital platform, the Angular application uses an API connection with the technology of Contract.Fit for the processing of the data, where the data such as VAT number, total amount, etc. of the invoice is read and returned.



Solvacheck is an initiative of Intolaw Advocaten. In 2010 Pieter Goetghebeur and Jeroen Vande Sijpe founded the law firm Intolaw and soon expanded with offices in Ghent, Brussels and Liège. With a strong team of 20 lawyers, they have become one of the most established values in Belgium.

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