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SnowXchains is a unique online sharing platform that connects renters and lessors of snow chains. The initiative was launched in 4 languages and 5 countries. Eric Goris decided to coöperate with wadsup in the field of online marketing.

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As with any online marketing project, we start with an intake interview to get a better idea of ​​the needs of the customer on the one hand and the business itself on the other. From there we have developed an online marketing strategy in which objectives, target groups, channels, content and media plan are defined. We think it is important to always start from a strategy and not to take separate actions.

This is how we took the following steps:

  • Installing Google Tag Manager on the website and setting up the different tags. This allows us to track how users navigate the website and whether we achieve the objectives set.
  • Create a content planning for organic content on all social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin
  • Set up paying campaigns via Google and Facebook in different languages
  • Weekly monitoring and adjustment of organic and paying content
  • Extensive reporting on a monthly basis

The focus of this project is on performance marketing. The success of campaigns is evaluated on the basis of measurable values ​​such as conversions and the cost per conversion. We optimize on a continuous basis and gradually test new formats and channels to reach the target group.






We hope that we can bring a lot of travel convenience to winter sports enthusiasts, combined with a lower cost for snow chains and more safety along the way.

As a starter of an online sharing platform that immediately will be launched in four different countries, especially via social media, the right professional support in the field of digital marketing is crucial. After a brief search, I decided to hire Wadsup for this job. Especially their mentality strongly leans towards mine as a starter: flexible, entrepreneuring and co-thinking. Despite the months of delay from my side, they always adjusted themselves to offer the right support at the right moment. Their large independance in performance creates an easy coöperation, and via consultation over online channels (mails, chats, video-calls,...) , there is a short play on the ball. All in all a very positive coöperation!

Eric, CEO snowxchains

wadsuppers of service


Eunice - digital marketeer / operations officer


Daphne - business butler

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