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Pixmix Studios is a post-production house in Berchem. They combine talent and technical knowledge for the creation of film, television and web.


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Our help was initially called upon to unburden the creative people on an administrative level and to bring the fresh design for their new website to life.

At that time, the documents were issued quarterly to the former accountant, which meant that not only the workload was poorly distributed, but there was hardly any insight into the accounting. Which customers have arrears? When do suppliers have to be paid? By converting the accounting system to Exact Online and switching to a weekly accounting system, we ensured that the managers gained access to their figures in real time.

From then on it became perfectly possible to monitor the outstanding customers on a daily basis and to pay the suppliers with a simple transaction. The invoicing has also been taken over by wadsup. A punctual invoicing and follow-up is essential for the company's cash flow. With tailor-made monthly management reporting, the Pixmix managers now have the information they need to manage their business.

Pixmix already had a fresh design ready for their website, which they then realized with the help of our front- and backend knowledge. You could already admire their portfolio on Vimeo but with the help of the custom CMS that we built, the website is now automatically updated with every new video that they released.


pixmix studios

PIXMIX studios is a postproduction team focussed on VFX, animation and motion design. We combine talent and technical knowledge to create content for film, television and web. 

For us as a post-production house, Wadsup is the ideal business partner. Day in and day out we work intensively on creative projects. It is a luxury to be able to hand over other matters such as developing our website, financial advice and administrative support. That way we have more time for our real core business.

The work that Lorie performs for financial and accounting support gives us extra peace in this way. Lorie works very punctual and well-arranged, so "admin champ" is certainly not an exaggeration. She is also very accessible and I can always ask her questions if necessary. This gives a very comfortable feeling!

Zita Dockx, Office Manager

wadsuppers of service


Ditte - all-round digital hero


Ine - finance & admin wizard


Helder - web & technology magician


Lorie - admin champion


Daphne - business butler

Ditte, Ine, Helder, Lorie and Daphne are ready to help you

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