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An architect creates, coordinates and innovates. An architect is the essential pivot for a project to succeed. This is the same for Media Architect.

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Media Architect is a small organization that has been involved in the world of communication for some time. The company has undergone major growth for a number of years, but like it often happened, administrative processes have not been evolved.

In view of the further professionalization that Media Architect has in mind, Ine, our finance & admin wizard, comes up with a fresh perspective, advice and a hands-on mentality.

After mapping the current processes and difficulties, all aspects of the administration are listed. HR processes and documents are standardized, the classification is fine-tuned and the invoicing methods are examined.

A new softwaresystem was introduced in which purchase invoices and expenses are easily digitized and also payments that were previously manual, are now automated.
In the next phase, monthly financial reporting will be set up so that business managers can gain more insight into their results and on the basis of this data can make the right decisions to continue their growth positively.


media architect

Years of experience in the sector and a lot of enthusiasm, Media Architect is always working on a media plan and customized design.

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Ine - finance & admin wizard


Daphne - business butler

Ine and Daphne are ready to help you

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