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Continental is one of the top five largest suppliers in the automotive industry worldwide, contributing to increased driving safety and the protection of the global climate.

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Our customer Continental was looking for a way to allow their national network of dealers to order marketing material for different campaigns. In real business butler style, wadsup has taken this problem into our hands and elaborated E2E. First we made sure that we understood the needs of our customer correctly, then we translated this into a fully digitized workflow to finally build a micro-application that supports this workflow. From wadsup we have ensured that the customer could completely dispose of this: analysis, development, testing & translations were served as a total package. In just 3 weeks time we have delivered the final solution, with as a crowning a successful launch of the first campaign!




Today, Continental is one of the top five largest suppliers in the automotive sector worldwide. As a supplier of braking systems, systems and components for engines and frames, instruments, infotainment solutions, electronic systems, tires and technical elastomers, Continental contributes to increased driving safety and protection of the global climate. Continental is also a competent partner in the field of networked communication in the car.

The delivered project was an excellent representation of our original briefing, which was handled with attention to detail. The clear communication and quick response throughout the whole process were the reasons for a perfect cooperation!

Willem Craye, Online Marketing Coordinator Continental

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