GDPR readiness pack

Don't leave anything to chance. A basis GDPR analysis that substantially harmonises your company with the new privacy requirements.

What's the strategy here?

In a first step, we'll clearly map to what degree your company needs to meet these new privacy rules. Based on this, you'll receive concrete legal recommendations for purposes of enforcement of GDPR (or AVG).

As a first step, the previous, together with the concrete technical measures, will be included in a GDPR-protocol. This is a document in which the policy of your company and in particular, the suitable technical and organisational measures that will be implemented by your company in purposes of the enforcement of the GDPR, will be described. Moreover the protocol contains among other things models that you can use to acquire the needed permissions of natural persons of which your company processes personal data.

Finally, this protocol will allow you to demonstrate the competent authorities in an organised and legislative wat that you take the rules of GDPR (or AVG) seriously.

This service is available at a fixed price.

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