the steps within innovation


innovation by questioning the business model

It all starts with analyzing your innovation potential. The Business Model Canvas is a powerful tool to map all of the different aspects inside your company. With this, we will be by example appointing the various customer segments, partners, activities and the cost structure. By writing this down, a lot of new opportunities or existing sore points will be surfacing where we can immediately work on. Basically, a real eye opener. This model will later also be forming the basis of a strong business or marketing plan.


digital transformation: Creation of new channels and interaction with customers

After analasys, the creative mind will emerge. Digital technologies will give you the possibility to find new ways to target your customers. Think about online marketing (SEO, SEA) or Social Media. These techniques are fast to roll out and they are moreover very transparent in cost structure. Interaction with customers can also be further digitalized by the use of apps, webshops or a renewed communication channel such as a chat bot.


use big data and IoT as new business opportunities

Digital technologies also give you the possibility to collect (big) data about your products, services, customers and processes. After this, you can convert this valuable data into models, by which you can monitor and enhance your business. Because of the application of the Internet of Things, you can add value to your products and services which can make you stand out to your competition. Think about Smart Homes whereby you can log in to your security system from a distance or you can fill up your bath tub by the time you get home.


(re)design products, services and customer experiences

Customer experiences are an important incentive to modify products and services within your organisation. What does a customer value more? What does he want to see different? What does he want to pay just that little bit extra for? We support you by analyzing these specific needs, test them and further improve them.


project management and analysis of improvement.

Every investment needs to be accounted for. Once the ideas are arisen and the investments become bigger, your business plan will need to be constantly modified and enhanced. This will make certain risks come to light, think about your cash flow. These techniques in project management will help you keep control and they will help you to monitor where needed. Can we first look into your business model together? Do you want support in the field of digital transformation? Or will we tackle things a little bigger by finding out where the Internet of Things, Big Data or even blockchain can help your company?

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