internet of things

Technologies in the field of the Internet of Things and Data Mining are very advanced nowadays. Still, a lot of companies are not capable of applying this in concrete to make a good business case out of it.

We will make it easy for you and just figure it all out for you. In a strategic exercise, we will be analyzing which opportunities IoT can offer for your company. As well in the field of products and services as in the field of internal processes and efficiency. The gathered data is vital to this. We will therefore start with the development of applications of the data, before developing the technology. We will be doing this by means of a couple of workshops. Because of this, we will be working in concrete without being stuck in the theory. We will be setting up a Proof Of Concept to test the IoT-application in practice on a small scale.

budget ?

Budget: After an intake, we will be determining your trajectory. Based on this, we will know your need and the related price.

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