business model

Both starting companies and enterprises that want to innovate stand to gain to map their business model. We use the Business Model Canvas for this. Based on 9 building blocks, you can map your business plan only on size A4. We will be identifying the opportunities (a missed customer segment, a new product or service or a new pricing method) as well as exposing the missing elements (new partnerships or sales channels, how to deal with customer relationships). In a certain number of workshops and brainstorming sessions, we will be developing the Business Model Canvas, which will be further refined with research and an elaborated model. This can serve as a basis for a further development of a complete marketing or strategic plan and even a product design.

budget ?

What will we be providing: A preliminary investigation with market and competition analysis, 3 workshops, the Business Model Canvas and a descriptive basic document. Through this, specific actions for your company will be summed up.

Budget: € 6.000

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