innovation and digitalisation

wadsup stimulates innovation and digitalisation

Everyone always says: "Standing still is going backwards". As a matter of fact, this is totally true. Not a single company is able to say that their success can be maintained without innovating regularly. It was shown that innovative companies are doing better and that small and medium-sized businesses can innovate just as well as big ones.


the steps within innovation

Innovation is more than only applying technical enhancements. Read here which steps are needed.

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what can Wadsup offer your company?

Because innovation has an impact on different domains within your organisation, Wadsup is the right place to go. We help you with the ellaboration of your plan and if desired, we can undertake the implementation and coördination of it.

Are you looking for the right people to fulfill this? Our team is ready for you. Would you rather have someone intern? No problem, we'll find the right fit for you.

Can we first look into your business model together? Do you want support in the field of digital transformation? Or should we address things bigger by searching where The Internet of Things, Big Data or even blockchain would help your company? Look into our packages below.


our packages

business model

Both starting companies and enterprises that want to innovate stand to gain to map their business model.

We use the Business Model Canvas for this. Based on 9 building blocks, you can map your business plan only on size A4.

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digital transformation

Digital technology is now well established, but evolves rapidly. To remain competitive, it is important to usefully promote these evolutions for your products and services towards customers and your internal processes.

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internet of things

Technologies in the field of the Internet of Things and Data Mining are very advanced nowadays. Still, a lot of companies are not capable of applying this in concrete to make a good business case out of it.

We will make it easy for you and just figure it all out for you. In a strategic exercise, we will be analyzing which opportunities IoT can offer for your company.

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