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first things first

October 2013, we made up our minds. Ine and I are starting our self-employed activity. We don’t take to many risks, make safe choices, trying to build in some stability and we’ll see what’s heading our way. And so we continue: Ine with her background in finance & administration, me with my background in sales, marketing, communication and recruitment. Mmm… if you think about it… already a nice variety of expertise that we can provide.

from “we’ll see” towards the concept “Wadsup”

So it seems – we built a very modest but stable company. And the demands became also more diverse, therefore we had to call in experts for some very particular cases. To be honest, with varying degrees of success. Please google for a “web designer” and you get a hundred relevant results. Fifty of them have the right credentials, but all for different reasons. Each of them will tell you they have the right approach for your specific case. By the way, so it seems to be in all the other domains: the right online approach, relevant legal support, an affordable web developer, ICT-advice… you name it. Flanders is a region full of entrepreneurs, but this makes it very hard for ‘an amateur’ not to lose sight of the bigger picture and make the right decisions.

And then there’s this new economy. What to do with terms as e-commerce, digitalisation & transformation, innovation, the evolution towards “contingent workforce” etc. Lots of opportunities arise, but not every SME knows what to do with it. They do not have a specialised department in every domain, like the big players have.

By trial and error, we’ve huddled trough these storms. And as a result, wadsup was born. Against all orders of business books to pick out a focus – and they’re quite right – we developed our own concept: to unburden and advice your company in every domain via one single point of contact: The Business Butler, who will pursue the ideal solution for every problem, or the right strategy to elaborate any idea.

a unique model

So, if you are searching for support in administration, or you need insight in your financial data, or you are willing to outsource your marcom activities, or you want to brainstorm about the implementation of new technologies within your organisation, or you don’t find the time to paint your office walls: wadsup can help you. Experience has told us that calling up freelance capacity, not always offers you the necessary stability. So therefore, we decided mid-2017 to build our own team, with expertise in the most requested domains. With pride we can say that we have crossed the border of 10 employees in a few months. This was not intended to be our goal; the happiness of our employees is our main target.

For certain specific know-how, we have build out a network of specialised parties and freelancers, active in accountancy & tax, legal, marketing, ICT, digitalisation, innovation and recruitment. We don’t want to pretend that we have the everlasting wisdom for every expertise and besides our model is build on the force of collaboration. Thanks to this model we can say to our clients that they can rely on wadsup for all their concerns and ideas. Because of our thin structure, we can work at affordable rates.

In addition, we are choosing advanced technology to optimize the efficiency of our own organisation and the organisation of our clients.

everybody happy

Even more than all these services and technologies, we offer our clients simplicity & oxygen during these new challenges and opportunities. To unburden in every domain, flexibility and continuity ensure that we can be an extension of our clients, so they can focus on the activities where they can bring in their most added value and find maximum happiness.

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