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Moving images, you see them everywhere. Movies of delicious recipes or handy DIY-trics, a short animation to introduce a new and hip concept or GIF's of fragments from your favorite movie.

It's clear that the presence of video and animation is booming in the last few years.

Social networks are using visual and emotional media more and more. When you succeed in drawing the attention fastly and holding onto it, your viewers will consume a larger part of your message which will persuade them easier. Result: more conversion!

Video and animation win the race

The human brain has always been good in exploring and processing visual information. That way, we're able to process viausl info up to 60,000 times faster than with written content. This isn't really surprising because the human brain has been developing long before there was written text, and this does explain why we choose video over text.

why we're fans of animation

Each day, thousands of new video's are uploaded online about any possible topic. If you want your message to stand out, think about animation because of the following reasons:

Complex topics become fun: Any topic will have a fresh tone thanks to animation, which will help you explain more difficult topics without sounding boring or patronising.

Unconcious nostalgia: Without realizing, many people think back to their childhood and the cartoons they watched back then when seeing an animation. This will make them unconciously happier and more interested in viewing your video.

Animation is cheap: For a small price, you evidently won't have an animation video. The think process, drawing, and animating a video can take up a lot of time, which means good animation can cost quite a lot. However, if you compare this to what you pay for materials, organizing a location, staffage, etc. when you want to work with a regular video, an animation could be a more financially friendly solution.

In all shapes and sizes: An explainer video of a few minutes to present your start-up, a short gif to announce an event or an animated logo in your online signature? Animation can have an enormous amount of applications, and the length or format is adjustable.

To conclude, everything is possible! With animation, all your dreams could become reality. A dancing tiger in a tutu, or an elephant on roller skates? No problem! Try to manage that with real video images...

wadsup to the rescue

Enough reasons to choose for animation! Now we have completely persuaded you: what do you think about an animating get-to-know-you chat? We'd like looking to the endless possibilities together.

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