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mario samison

After a successful internship at wadsup - which was really awesome - I started working as a Full-Stack Developer. The great colleagues and the varied work were the reasons for me to stay. Every project is different and I do not feel like I am doing monkey work. That's why I chose wadsup!

drink coffee, code, sleep, repeat

That is my motto and I am proud of it! Every IT person will have a bit of it and I would like to come out with it.

chatbot implementation

During one of the many projects I got the challenge to make a chatbot. I was not so familiar with chatbots and the frontend framework in which we built the layout. I did not have an idea how such a chatbot would work, but I was extremely interested in expanding it!

the story of the chatbot

Within the company 'De Watergroep' there are many administrative matters where some employees had questions. To make this goes smoothly, expanding a chatbot seemed to be an ideal solution. In this way, employees can ask their questions to the chatbot and the chatbot helps them by sending them in the right direction.

In concrete terms, this is how it works: from the frontend an employee types a question, it is sent to an online platform (dialog flow) where the question is analyzed and afterwards the employee receives a suitable answer in return.

We have used various technologies for this. On the one hand there is dialog flow, an online platform from Google that gives you the opportunity to build intents, this can be seen as a kind of 'case' around which an employee can have questions.

Within this intent you can then enter some example questions, and then place an appropriate answer. These answers may contain a payload of JSON format. This is actually a piece of code that gives the frontend the possibility to display certain layout parts.

On the other hand, we have the front end, which is built in ReactJS. This is a framework in JavaScript that can modify views based on a state.

Here we have placed a template that made it easier for us to build layout for the effective chat conversation. BotUI calls this template. Here we have given our own test so that this is part of the general layout of the water group.

In this way, employees can quickly ask their questions in order to complete their administrative affairs in a smooth way.

chatbots are the future

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