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The bollekes of Antwerp, who hasn't heard of them..

Ditte, our all-round digital hero, got to work at De Lijn. Curious to these infamous "bollekes" ?

bye bye bollekes

When they asked me at De Lijn to help build the renewed real-time, I was immediately enthusiastic. A user experience challenge that goes beyond the umpteenth webshop or onepage website? Sign me right up!

It was not just about the real time displays, also the displays at the stops and infotram had to be addressed. The people of Antwerp missed their 'bollekes'. And I am not talking about the De Koninck's beer but about the tram display system. This system was out of date, not maintainable and has since 2012 been systematically replaced by displays that showed the results in a table such as the ordinary realtime displays. Bye bye red lights and bye bye overview per line.

let's find an alternative

In the end, there was so much protest that De Lijn had to come up with an alternative. Together with functional analyst Dirk Jacobs I crawled behind the drawing board and outlined a number of alternatives. This had to resurrect the ‘bollekes’. But, we talked about a digital solution, so the the possibilities were endless!

After consultation with the entire team, we came to 3 proposals. And what about the opinion of the travelers? We organized two focus groups with a dozen travelers each. These consisted of both avid "De Lijn-ers" and travelers who sporadically made use of public transport.

the bollekes in the press

The opinion of the travelers, combined with the expertise of the team, was developed and rolled out. It was well received by the people from Antwerp and the press. A nice result, which we are rightly proud of! And the thorough design process of the bollekes certainly had something to do with it ! ;-)

Curious about some UX tips from our expert Ditte? Stay tuned ...

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