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Are you, as a company, not yet active on social media today? Then you undoubtedly miss a potential range. Or are you actually present on social media, but do you no longer see the trees through the forest? With our tips below you will undoubtedly score online.

who is your target audience?

A first step is to determine your target group. Who is your target group? Who are the people you want to address your story to?

We notice that many entrepreneurs always want to reach as many people as possible, which is obviously not wrong. But by making your target group as specific as possible, you are more likely that your campaign will end up with the right people.

Thanks to a target group, you get a picture of the market on the basis of a 'face'. This will make your online campaigns more successful.

how do you reach your target audience?

Where is your target group? Which channels does your audience use to communicate? Are they active on the creative Instagram or rather the business LinkedIn? Think not only of the channels but also of certain communities. These are located on 'Fan pages' of famous people, TV programs, etc.

what goal do you achieve?

Before starting to write content at random, it is important to determine what you want to achieve with the use of social media. Do you want to create more brand awareness? Do you want to generate more traffic to your website and/or webshop? Or do you want to improve your online visibility? See social media as an extension of your company, just like your website. Your online business card is at least as important as your offline sign.

how & what are you going to communicate?

When you have found your target group, it is important that you use the appropriate communication style to address this target group. Your target audience must be activated to take action.

Your content must be clear and powerful. Every goal needs a different communication or approach.

Content is not just text, it can be anything. So you can use images, videos, Infographics, collages and much more as content.

A tutorial, a testimonial or a video interview can help to create more awareness for both your products and services. Do you want to generate sales? Then you can make a photo with clickable shopping link via Facebook and/or Instagram.

An important tip is to use a content calendar or planning. With a content calendar you can make an overview for a certain period, this allows you to work and plan ahead thanks to a planning tool. This way you prepare your social media campaigns very well.

Try to spread unique content in a thoughtful way. Make it visual and short & powerful.

to the point

Test things out for a certain time and see what this does. Send where necessary and find your ideal formula to reach your (potential) customer and encourage interaction with your company.

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